Museum of Contemporary Ceramics

C/ Víctor Garrido Puello, 130, edificio Metropolitano, Santo Domingo.

The Museum of Contemporary Ceramics (MCC) opened its doors in November 2002, during the celebration of the Second International Ceramic Tile Triennial (elit-tile 2002/03) in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. Winning tiles of the last triennials are permanently exhibited. Tiles for sale are also shown in a space specially designed for their exhibition.

The museum displays a permanent collection of ceramic works, sculptures, paintings and drawings by national and international artists/ceramists. It also has a collection of island archeology and jewelry made with Igneris and Taino motifs and styles.

MCC hosts Individual and collective exhibitions of artists/ceramists and offer talks on art ceramics, art in general, music or archaeology.


An action of art and culture in which the participants look for author ceramic works of art and collecting is encouraged, and the pieces found become the property of the participant for free.

The pieces of this action are placed throughout the island and also throughout the world, and many of the pieces have been found in Panama, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Colombia, India, Chile, United States, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Uruguay, China and Canada.

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